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Best of French interior design

    Best of French interior design

    Will present some ideas that will likely rejoice attached to quality, elegance and individual style. These names are among the brightest in the world not only of French design and the world of design as a whole.

    Eddie Slimane became known as the Models, but then received recognition as a fashion designer. His unusual style and ironic note in it can be found in his collection F System.
    Slimane is glorified as a model for Dior and cooperate with the Yves Saint Laurent. It became a pop star and original account of his works and master the materials used are remarkably current.

    Christian Liaigre

    Christian Liagr is a master of detail. Almost perfect beds are not made, but experts agree that Liagr those who are closest to the ideal. They managed to harmoniously combine all points to a bed with convenience. The materials are first class (such as tree Uengey "), and maximum production is consistent with the preferences of customers.

    Herve van der Straeten

    Initially, it was a jewelry designer who works with Yves Saint Laurent, Lacroix and Dior, but it has created much more than jewelry and bottles. His play with light, mirrors and metal, is fresh and original. Playfulness and subtlety of his works are imbued with a sense of new. It generates no more than 50 subject matter of the year.

    Robert Mallet Stevens
      Robert Stevens Male-known architect, worked in the first half of the twentieth century. The furniture designed by him, as well as the buildings are rare and valuable. Like Le Corbusier in 1924, and Robert Stevens, Male has the ability to change throughout the streets of Paris, according to their architectural conceptions. Chair A Rare Chair, which he created, is recreated by the company of Andre Pyutman.

      Frederic Mechiche
        Frederick Meshish dealing with villas, hotels and yachts. His creations are famous for their French exquisiteness.

        He furnish boat Harama II, Hotel Le A in Paris, where the choice of colors and fabrics, black and white raeta and traditional handicraft ornaments make spaces in exhibition halls.

        Jacques Adnet
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        Jacques Adne is another classic design, which fills his contemporaries with amazement and admiration. More the 28 years he became director of the company Compagnie des Arts Fransais (CAF), where the grand inspiration and began to create furniture using wood, metal and mirrors.

        Charlotte Perriand
          Charlotte Perry is one of the most influential women involved in the design. She joined the studio of Le Corbusier and, in the 30 years ending work on a modernist collection "The era of machines.
          In it she uses steel, aluminum and glass. At the same time, she used traditional materials and forms, which gives a new meaning. Her works were considered too eccentric, because they are ahead of their time. Look on it with respect, but it retains its reticence and discretion.

          Nicolas Aubagnac
            After graduating in the National School of Applied Arts Nikola Obanyak based his own company. His furniture is custom made, but some of them are made with other companies - such as a collection of extravagant bronze lamps Jean Michel Delisle, gold, silver and platinum items, depending on customer choice.
            To modern and classic shapes, materials and techniques, simply add the original ideas of the designer.

            Jean Royer
            He is a designer who in the mid twentieth century was able to demonstrate to everyone that has its own style. He opened his first gallery in 1948, while Paris has not yet recovered from the war, but he is thirsty for beauty and refinement. Since then, his clients do not cease to surprise and fascinate. It opened offices in Cairo, Beirut, Peru and Iran, while the aristocrats of Europe and the Middle East not only like his style, and that his works were created for each of them.

            Andre Pyutman

            In 1986. Andre Pyutman reached the apogee of its glory with the furniture in black and white on the Morgan Hotel, inspired by New York taxis. She managed to make modern designers to finally shake off excess, bogus and artificial, to trust their purest form and feeling.

            With her help to rejuvenate the traditional pomp and her company creates furniture, keeping the ideas of Eileen Gray, Mallett-Stevens, Fortuny, Gaudi and Lartigue.

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